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Enrolling with us

We recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to visit our centre with your child. 
This gives you the opportunity to visit to see if we are the right fit for your family.  


We encourage our families to participate in their child's ongoing development and to be involved in the day to day operation of the centre. We invite families to join in activities and experiences provided at the centre and to also share their own skills and experiences with the children. 

enrolment process

We require some information before your child begins care

- Completed Enrolment Form (including names & contact details of additional emergency & authorized contacts) 

- Completed Direct Debit Form

- Copy of your child's Immunisation statement  (this can be found on the MyGov site)

- Any relevant Medical Documents, Court Orders and/or action plans if relevant to your child (allergy info, anaphylaxis or asthma plans) Please note the centre will not administer any medication without a letter from a medical practitioner indicating the name of the child and medication, dosage of the medication and duration of the medication to be administered. 

- Completed Child Profile Form (to be used in your child's room to help settle your child into the environment)

- Available dates to schedule in transition visits (free of charge for up to 2 hours) for the settling in of your child in the lead up to commencing care. In addition to this if you feel there is anything at all you believe is of importance (eg Additional Needs info, Speech Pathology Reports, Developmental Records, cultural background info etc) please bring it along as it will help us to best support your child within our care environment. 

- Enrol for the Childcare Subsidy CCS

 We welcome you to read our Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

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