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St Catherine’s early learning programs are based on the early learning framework (EYLF).


Your Child

Relationships are key

It is well known that children learn best when they have secure relationships with caring adults. When children from a very early age develop trusting relationships they feel more confident and able to explore and learn. In early childhood settings, when children feel emotionally secure they learn through play to develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others and gradually learn to take responsibility.


How will it work?

We focus on your child's learning. Carers will work with you in order to get to know your child well. They will create a learning program that builds on your child's interests and abilities, and keep you in touch with your child's progress. Through the Framework's five learning goals Carers will assist your child to develop:

• a strong sense of their identity

• connections with their world

• a strong sense of wellbeing

• confidence and involvement in their learning; and

• effective communication skills


Watching your child's progress

Using the Early Years Learning Framework St Catherine’s carers will observe your child's learning so they can build on it and plan the next steps. They will do this by listening, watching and talking to your child. They will keep in touch with you regularly to discuss your child's progress. They may use photos or keep a folder of your child's work to show what your child is learning, how they are developing and what particular learning interests them. Before your child starts school The carers will prepare information about your child's learning and development to share with their new teacher. This will help ensure that your child's new school is well prepared to continue your child's learning.



Learning through play. I know it’s beneficial, but what does it actually mean? What types of play will my child be doing at ST Catherine’s, and how will that translate into learning and development for my little ones? Well anything can be a game – were limited only by our imagination – so there’s no defined list we work from. We aim to make each moment fun and stimulating – but behind the scenes, theres some serious learning going on! Some of the main types of play we love at St Catherine’s are detailed for you below.



It’s no secret that children love music. Beginning the love affair with lullabies creates an associated between music and contentment. From there, children graduate to being able to create their own music (and being able to dance to it!). And that’s were the learning really begins. Singing songs will start the imagination, language and memory centre of the brain firing. Playing instruments and dancing will do this too, as well as helping with motor skills and coordination. Active participation in music – through singing, dance and playing instruments – is one of our favourite activities at St Catherine’s. Solo Musical activities can really help with focus and concentration, and group activities develop social skills and confidence. Above all, it’s a lot of noisy fun!



Books have so much more to offer than words on a page. At St Catherine’s, books are a pleasure for reader or read-ee alike. Reading aloud is a multi-sensory experience for your child, the physical bond of sitting on a carers lap or with the other children at story time, the musical tones of a lilting nursery rhyme, and the bright colours of the pictures. When stories are read with enthusiasm and joy, the experience is priceless. And the learning follows. It’s the ‘tune’ of a rhythmic piece of text that aids memory. Rhythm and repetition allows the words to be more quickly picked up in speech. Memorisation of words then forms the foundation stone of reading, as children learn to associates the sound of the word with what it looks like on the page. Encouraging interaction through devices such as finger puppets and sound effects only adds to the experience. Teaching a love of reading early on is essential for schooling and sets up fantastic habits for adult life.


Art and Craft

Highly creative, tactile and stimulating, we love art time at St Catherine’s. Learning about colour, shapes, and texture through art and craft fires up imagination and abstract through whilst developing fine motor skills. The joy of creating something new either by your self or as part of a group – is also incredibly rewarding. We encourage the children to colour their own world. We proudly display their creations through out our centres and send artwork home so our little ones can share their achievements with family and friends.


Outside Fun and Activities

We consider it an important responsibility to help children develop good nutritional exercise habits from a young age. Even our littlest in the nursery room will be encouraged to grab objects or bubbles and crawl toward things to get them moving. Physical activity is vital for healthy minds and bodies, and as such forms a key focus of the play at St Catherine’s. Like all learning, we aim to make physical education a pleasure so it becomes something our children will want to do today and for the rest of their lives. Beyond forming healthy habits, movement and activity are vital for developing gross and fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and for building confidence. Social skills are also developed through team activities such as seesaw and hide and seek. Team activity teaches our little ones to work together, understand rules, cope with winning and losing gracefully, and to share the joy of success with others.


As past of our activity program, we try to get outside as much as we can.


It’s a great way to teach our children about the environment, for the children to experience the different smells, textures, and colours of the natural world.


And to learn that snails aren’t nearly as tasty as they look!


Early Learning Framework (EYLF)

At St Catherine’s our building has been designed with your child’s safety as our number one priority.


Cameras are located at entry and throughout the building. Keypad security to the centre’s entrance door ensures no unauthorised people beyond the entrance foyer.


Our building has been designed so that children are always in the line of vision of staff. Our playgrounds are secured by fencing that is 2 meters high.

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Food and Nutrition

Meals are prepared daily by our experienced cook. The menu is balanced, nutritious and multicultural based. Healthy eating habits are formed in early childhood and children’s nutrition is important to their health and development.


The centre provides breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, late afternoon tea for all children. Children are encouraged to help themselves to food and drink, and feed themselves at meal times. Staff always sit with children during meal times and are always available assist every child as needed. Our weekly menu is displayed in the foyer and inside each room.


Cooking is part of our centre program and at times the children will participate in cooking activities. Simple activities such as cooking cakes, slices or making fruit salad are all fun ways of introducing cooking and learning about food and nutrition. St Catherine’s is a nut free environment.

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We believe children, families and staff are an integral part of our community. We offer a warm, caring environment to children, parents and staff.

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